Toamasina, April 5, 2024

Ambatovy, in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Fisheries and the Blue Economy of Atsinanana (DRPEB), works to improve the living conditions of fishermen in Toamasina as part of the “Blue Economy” project. Concrete progress has been made, including issuing more than 400 professional cards for fishermen, granting provisional receipts for five formal groups of fishermen, registering 261 canoes, and installing six Early Warning System (EWS) panels in Ambodisaina Ivondro and Ambodisiny. This three-year project aims to improve fishermen’s income, the sustainability of fishing activity in the region, and resilience to climate change. Recently, at the beginning of April 2024, Village Savings and Credit Associations (AVEC) were established within small fishermen’s groups in Toamasina to help them develop income-generating activities and ensure the sustainability of the project.