Our Approach

The health and safety of Ambatovy’s employees, contractors, and neighboring communities is one our top priorities. As Ambatovy is an industrial enterprise, the risk management in daily basis in order to ensure an injury-free workplace is one of our greatest challenges. We have developed a robust Health and Safety department and with the support and involvement of all departments and employees, we implemented many safety initiatives across the plant and the mine sites.

As indicated in our health and safety policy, Ambatovy believes that all injuries are preventable.

Injury & Fatality Prevention

All employees, contractors, and visitors receive comprehensive health and safety training before they are able to work in our sites. This training covers general information about the potential risk present in their working area or activity; how to identify and assess these risk and how to determine and use the adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). In the field, we developed a program to change the safety behaviors of our employees in a positive manner. This daily program is called the Leadership in the Field. It’s performed during maintenance or operational activities in the field and focus on safety interactions between managers, supervisors and the workforce in order to reinforce the safe behaviors and correct the unsafe behaviors, which will help us to respect in all times our Fatality Prevention Standards.

Emergency Response

All potentially hazardous situations and risks are continuously assessed. Whenever an incident occurs, immediate action is systematically taken according to Ambatovy’s response plans. A dedicated team of firefighters and paramedics at the Plant site and at the Mine site are available 24/7 for any emergency situation. These teams are trained regularly to ensure they are operational for any kind of emergency situation.

Performance Monitoring

Ambatovy regularly measures its health and safety performance to ensure continuous improvement and safe production through comprehensive auditing and reporting procedures. Any safety incident, or near miss, is seen as a chance to further improve our processes in order to prevent similar incidents in the future. Ambatovy is currently working toward ISO 45001 certification for its safety management system: the highest international standard for occupational health and safety.