Reports and Studies

Ambatovy Sustainability Report 2022

2022 report (EN_pdf)

2021 report (EN_pdf)

2020 report (EN_pdf)

2019 report (EN_pdf)

2018 report (EN_pdf)

2017 report (EN_pdf) | (FR_pdf) | Microsite

2016 report (EN_pdf) | (FR_pdf)

2015 report (EN_pdf) | (FR_pdf)

2014 report (EN_pdf) | (FR_pdf)

2013 report (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook) | (FR_pdf)

2012 report (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook) | (FR_pdf)

Summary 2011 report (FR_pdf)

2011 report (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook) | (FR_pdf)

2010 report (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook) | (FR_pdf)

Due Diligence Report

Ambatovy Due Diligence Report


BBOP case study (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook)

Process plant addendum in French

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA):

    • Volume A: Introduction (EN_zip) (EN_Ebook)
    • Volume B: Mine (EN_zip) (EN_Ebook)
    • Volume C: Slurry pipeline (EN_zip) (EN_Ebook)
    • Volume D: Process plant (EN_zip) (EN_Ebook)
    • Volume E: Tailings facility (EN_zip) (EN_Ebook)
    • Volume F: Port expansion (EN_zip)
    • Volume G: Cumulative effects (EN_zip)
    • Volume H: General Appendices (EN_zip)
    • Volume I: Physical appendices (EN_zip)
    • Volume J: Biological appendices (EN_zip)
    • Volume K: Social appendices (EN_zip)

A Look at Cultural Heritage (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook)

Submission of Ambatovy’s Archaeological Work (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook)

HIV and STD campaign at the Plant Site (EN_pdf) (EN_Ebook)

Supporting Growth and Development in Madagascar (EN_pdf) (FR_pdf) (EN_Ebook)