Brickaville, June 27, 2024

As part of its commitment to improving the living conditions of communities in its intervention areas, Ambatovy is supporting the income-generating activities of 117 households in a dozen village associations in Brickaville. In December 2023, the company provided these farmers with 15,000 taro shoots for cultivation over 4,000 m² and 20,000 yam shoots for cultivation over 5,000 m². Additionally, Ambatovy supplied agricultural inputs such as vermicompost fertiliser for the entire production cycle. Technical support will also be provided, in the form of training and coaching on land preparation, planting, weeding, hilling up and harvesting. The total value of Ambatovy’s support is approximately 27.7 million Ariary.
This initiative aims to boost local agriculture and enhance the livelihoods of these communities.