Since 2011, Ambatovy has been working closely with grassroots communities (COBA) and supporting their activities in the protection and conservation of the environment around the Mine in Moramanga. The company supported three COBAs, namely “Ezaka sy Fandrosoana Ambohitranivo,” “Ambohimanarivo Ala Maintso” and “Miaro ny Tontolo Iianana Ambatomanty,” for over a month and a half, from September to October, in carrying out the ecological monitoring activities of the fauna and flora in the forest areas they manage. Over 130 COBA members actively participated in this activity, which is scheduled every two years according to their specifications. Ambatovy provided ecological monitoring equipment, participation allowance, and training on the importance of ecological monitoring of fauna and flora in natural resources management. Ecological monitoring enables COBAs to monitor the presence and the evolution of protected species in the conservation areas and to see the results of their sustainable management efforts.