Mission statement and values

Ambatovy’s Purchasing Team’s mission is to procure all the goods and services needed for the Project, while meeting or exceeding customer expectations regarding cost, delivery, and quality.

To do so, Ambatovy is developing close relationships with performing suppliers that are driven to be the best in their respective fields. These relationships are based on trust, mutual respect, and common interests.

Local suppliers

Ambatovy has taken on the mandate of developing the local and national economic base with partners capable of adequately meeting its needs and competitiveness criteria.


Ambatovy makes every effort to ensure that all transactions and business interactions with suppliers take place with the utmost respect for ethics and in total compliance with the spirit and letter of applicable laws and regulations in Madagascar and other countries in international transactions.

At all times, our policy is to maintain fair relationships with all suppliers and to guarantee the confidential nature of negotiations and proposals.

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