Toamasina, Thursday, September 1, 2022.  The Regional Directorate of Fisheries and the Blue Economy in Atsinanana (DRPEB) and Ambatovy signed today a collaboration agreement for the implementation of a sustainable fishing program in the Urban Commune of Toamasina and in the Rural Commune of Amboditandroroho. The ceremony took place at Ambatovy’s office in the FAKRA building, in Toamasina.

Ambatovy will contribute to promoting the blue economy by supporting a sustainable fishing project in the Communes of Toamasina and Amboditandroroho, where small-scale fishing is an important economic activity, yet these areas also suffer the impact of climate change on their activities. This project thus aims to make fishing activity more sustainable, while improving fishermen’s income and enhancing their resilience to climate change.  Such support will help Ambatovy contribute to reducing poverty. In total, five fishermen groups, gathering about 190 households, have been identified. The company considers this action as part of the sustainable development process for Madagascar.

During the three-year duration of the collaboration, Ambatovy will finance the program according to a budget that will be made available each year in order to ensure the various interventions needed for the project’s implementation.

For its part, the DRPEB Atsinanana will accompany Ambatovy and provide technical recommendations. It will make technicians available to support a service provider in assisting the fishermen’s groups in implementing certain activities, ensuring training sessions and raising awareness on specific themes in the field of fishing, providing equipment, accompanying the fishermen’s groups and formalizing them.

During today’s signing ceremony, the DRPEB was represented by Mr. Simon Raharimandimby, and Ambatovy by its social department manager, Mr. Simone Carboni.