Antananarivo, April 22, 2022.

Ambatovy, represented by its Vice-President in charge of Sustainability, Philippe Beaulne, and the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management, represented by its Director General, General Elack Olivier Andriakaja, signed a collaboration agreement on the preparation for and response to industrial risks related to Ambatovy’s activities on April 22, 2022, in Avaratr’Antanimora, Antananarivo.

This one-year agreement aims to define the terms of collaboration agreed between the two parties in respect to the preparation for and response to industrial risks. To this end, it will develop a Particular Plan of Intervention (PPI) for the District of Moramanga, update that of the Prefecture of Toamasina, and conduct simulation exercises to test them both. In addition, this collaboration agreement will reinforce the capacities of the personnel involved in industrial risk responses regarding Risk and Disaster Management and will also strengthen the public information and community alert systems.

Ambatovy will provide the technical support needed for the success of these activities, and after consultation between the two parties, it will bring financial support to cover the various costs related to the activity implementation. For its part, the BNGRC will undertake- with the key industrial risk management partners in Madagascar- the joint operational planning of industrial risk preparedness and response activities in Toamasina and Moramanga. It will also coordinate the development and updating of the PPI, simulation exercises, and the capacity building of the industrial emergency response personnel in Toamasina and Moramanga.

The signing of this collaboration agreement with the BNGRC highlights the importance that Ambatovy attached to the health and safety of its employees and the surrounding communities.