Safety and health, a non-negotiable priority for Ambatovy, is one of the strong messages that the company shared with the general public during the two-day celebration of the World Railway Crossing Awareness Day, on June 10 and 11, 2022, in Toamasina. Jointly organized with the Madarail company, the event, which was marked with exhibitions, allowed Ambatovy to raise awareness on rail safety in the surrounding communities while presenting the safety measures it has put in place since the start of operations in 2011.

As the main user of the railroad in the urban area of Toamasina to transport the commodities needed for nickel and cobalt refining (coal, sulfur and limestone) from the Port of Toamasina to the processing plant, Ambatovy has installed sliding barriers, signage and audible warning devices for the safety of local residents. In addition, the company also built elevated walkways to reduce traffic at level crossings, in other words, to reduce the risk of accidents.

In addition to these various devices and infrastructure, Ambatovy is also working closely with the Atsinanana Regional Directorate of Education to conduct an awareness campaign on railway safety among the students from the 24 schools in the vicinity of the railroad line it uses. Indeed, behaviors go hand in hand with safety devices to ensure “zero accidents” in the use of the railway.