Toamasina, May 26, 2023. Ambatovy officially handed over the keys for two new, covered markets in the Rural Commune of Ranomafana-Est on Friday, May 26.

These markets, located in the main town of Ranomafana-Est Commune and in the village of Ambodimanga, will provide a safe, accessible location for around a hundred local merchants and customers.

The new Ranomafana market is built entirely of bricks and has kiosks of various sizes for different types of retail trades, as such meat products and other goods. The Ambodimanga market, on the other hand, is built mainly from local materials, with covered kiosks and shelters for local produce.

“Ambatovy is committed to continuing to make a significant contribution to Madagascar’s development through a wide range of social investment projects. Sustainable investment in community infrastructure is a sound investment for the community and for the country’s future,” said Eli Atme, Ambatovy’s Pipeline Director, during his speech at the official ceremony to hand over the keys for these infrastructures in the Rural Commune of Ranomafana-Est.