Edmond Ratovonary, a member of the FIMIAM (Farmer-Led Federation) in Ampitambe, received 3,000 carp and tilapia fingerlings to support his income-generating activity. This support comes from the National Center for Applied Research on Rural Development (FOFIFA) following the good annual results he has achieved in the framework of this fisheries development project initiated by Ambatovy. It is, in fact, an example among many other successful collaborations reached between Ambatovy, the fish farmers around its Mine Site, and the CIRAEP in Moramanga. As a reminder, when this project was launched in 2018, Ambatovy took charge of the supply of brood stock as well as the start-up feed during the establishment of five fish production showcase sites. The company also delivered fingerlings to other fish farming sites and provided breeding technique training to fish farmers.