As part of its contribution to promoting education, Ambatovy will grant scholarships to young girls from vulnerable families in its intervention areas in Toamasina and Brickaville for the 2021-2022 school year. A pilot program, this initiative will be of great assistance to students from 28 public schools in Toamasina I, Toamasina II and Brickaville, who meet the eligibility requirements to obtain the scholarship (having the required average grade and being enrolled in one of the public schools in Toamasina I or Toamasina II or Brickaville). The program aims not only to provide these young girls with better education, but also to alleviate parents’ financial burdens given that the Company will fully cover eah student’s registration fees, monthly tuition and other schooling expenses. These scholarships will probably be renewed every school year- provided that they meet the required criteria- until the young girls obtain the Junior High School Certificate (BEPC).