In accordance with its specifications, the ecological restoration of Ambatovy’s mine footprint in Moramanga continues unabated thanks to everyone’s contribution. On March 7, 2019,  Ambatovy employees met together at the mine rehabilitation site, to plant more than 2,500 native young plants (Harongana, Ditimena, Voamboana, Varongy, Afotra, and Vakoka …) This annual gathering of Ambatovy employees, which has become somewhat of a tradition within the company, comes this year as part of the maintenance and relining of the plantation carried out in 2018. The theme for this year’s campaign was “Together, let’s plant trees for future generations.” Also, it should be noted that the ecological restoration work itself has already started for years with, among others, the production of young plants, the test work conducted at the Mine Site since 2010, as well as the reprofiling of land, which all continue every day and all year long, alongside the monitoring and maintenance of the plants. In addition, a significant step in ecological restoration has been reached this year with the transplantation of local, sensitive and endemic species, called “Species of Concern” (SOC), which are protected by strict international regulations, at the site to be restored.