Antananarivo, November 29, 2022.

This year, Ambatovy celebrates the 10th anniversary of theproduction of refined nickel and cobalt briquettes. On November 8, 2012, 40 metric tonnes of Ambatovy’s refined nickel left the Port of Toamasina for the international market for the very first time. Such a memorable event is a milestone in the company’s history and in Madagascar’s history, and one that Ambatovy would like to celebrate with all those who have been involved in this collective venture.

On this occasion, Ambatovy President, Mr. Gustavo Gomes, stated “After a challenging construction phase of one of the largest greenfield projects in Africa, Ambatovy has become the largest mining and processing operation in Madagascar and one of the top five refined nickel and cobalt operations in the world.  By fully refining our products in-country, we bring significant value-added in terms of local and national economic benefits.”

These ten years have certainly been marked by some challenges, notably several years of declining nickel prices on the international market and the recent Covid-19 health crisis, but they have also been crowned with many successes. Ambatovy is Madagascar’s largest industrial and mining complex and one of the top five refined nickel and cobalt operations in the world.

Over the past ten years, Ambatovy has significantly contributed to the economic and social development in its host regions as well as at the national level, created thousands of direct and indirect jobs, supported local businesses, and trained thousands of Malagasy people. The company has also established robust biodiversity conservation programs with very positive results.

Ambatovy is a high-quality nickel and cobalt producer that sustainably delivers value for all stakeholders and that contributes to sustainable development in Madagascar.

Together, let’s smile at the future !