Ambatovy would like to announce that the incineration operation of the ammonia stock abandoned on the site of the former stated owned company ZEREN in Toamasina was successfully conducted. The operation ended on October 25.

“Ambatovy is proud to have supported the realization of this project, which enabled the elimination of a significant hazard to the environment and safety of the population of Toamasina. We would like to thank all stakeholders for the smooth conduct of the operation, and particularly local and governmental authorities, as well as the population of Toamasina,” stated Ambatovy’s President, Mark Plamondon.

Requested by regional and governmental authorities in 2012, Ambatovy decided to join the ammonia incineration operation at the ZEREN site among the sixteen (16) projects funded by the Ambatovy Social Investment Fund for the benefit of the Atsinanana and Alaotra-Mangoro regions. In fact, 26 tonnes of ammonia have been stored for approximately thirty years on this site, representing a serious risk for the town of Toamasina and its surroundings. The ammonia incineration project was carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and the Atsinanana Region. Ambatovy provided financial, logistical and technical support needed for the conduct of the operation.

As a reminder, Ambatovy has established a $25 million fund to finance social and infrastructure projects in its operating areas. Other projects will start soon, particularly in the city of Moramanga, and including, among others, the rehabilitation of the city’s market and the implementation of a household waste management system.