Toamasina, November 22, 2023

More than 2,500 students have already benefited from over 40,160 meals through the implementation of a school nutrition program, a collaborative agreement between Ambatovy and Atsinanana’s Regional Nutrition Office (ORN). Over a three-year period, this initiative aims to achieve multiple objectives, including improving the nutritional well-being of students, increasing success rates in CEPE exams, and reducing school dropout rates in the region. The program involves 10 schools, comprising two preschools and eight Public Primary Schools (EPP) in Toamasina II.

The collaboration between Ambatovy and ORN Atsiananana focuses on three key components: community and school nutrition education, nutritional support through snack distribution in targeted schools, and institutional strengthening. By focusing on these areas, this collaboration aims to foster sustainable impacts by promoting better nutrition, creating a more conducive educational environment, and significantly curbing school dropout rates across the region.