Moramanga, October 20, 2022.

Since the Health and Safety of its employees and that of the surrounding communities is a top priority for Ambatovy, the company has supported road safety training and awareness-raising projects for road users in Moramanga, carried out during the months of October and November 2022. Ambatovy’s contributions to these projects include logistical and didactic support, for the training and awareness sessions, communication materials for the awareness campaign, road signs as well as equipment for the National Police. It is a collaboration that involves the Chief of District of Moramanga, the Urban Commune of Moramanga, the Regional Directorate of Technical Education and Vocational Training (DRETFP), the National Police of Moramanga and the Matsara Association; it will reach 2,500 students from 22 schools, as well as 1,480 rickshaw, Bajaj and bus drivers in Moramanga. The training and awareness sessions are provided by the DRETFP, the Matsara Association and the National Police.