Ambatovy was informed on the evening of March 31 that three of its subcontractor employees tested positive for COVID-19. Pursuant to the measures established by the Malagasy Government, these employees were already placed into a 14-day quarantine while the test was conducted on March 26. Currently, they are still in isolation and presently do not show any symptoms of the virus and are doing well.

These three cases are being followed closely by our onsite doctors since Ambatovy is fortunate to have sufficient and high end medical facilities to treat people on site. Nevertheless, we maintain regular contact with the regional health authorities on this issue to ensure our efforts are aligned with the measures applied throughout the country.

Ambatovy continues to take and implement stringent measures to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families at all of our sites, including enforcing strict social distancing and hygiene rules and practices as well as providing hand sanitizer throughout our sites and in our buses. The majority of our workforce is now at home or working from home, in order to decrease the number of employees in the workplace.