Nothing is left to chance. Ambatovy uses an advanced scientific approach based on quality data and detailed studies, while complying with the most stringent performance standards to carry out its actions in protecting and managing biodiversity around its Mine in Moramanga. The company, through its Environment Department, had the opportunity to share its actions in the field of biodiversity conservation and its environmental protection activities with the international scientific community at the 56th Annual Conference of the Association for Biology and Tropical Conservation (ATBC) held in Antananarivo, from July 30 to August 3, 2019. During this international scientific meeting, attended by 800 people from 55 countries, Ambatovy presented, among other things, the protection of orchid species at Ambatovy, the application of ecological restoration science at the Mine, as well as the links between income-generating activities and the conservation effort in the offset sites. The new nesting site of the Madagascar Heron (Ardeola Idia) and Ambatovy’s environmental management system were also on the agenda. With a permanent view to continuous improvement, Ambatovy has gained new perspectives and additional information from this conference, which will contribute to the success of its management and protection program for the rich biodiversity within its Mine Site in Moramanga.