June is a special month for the Ambatovy family as it is a time when we reflect on and highlight the importance of sustainability. It is a reminder that everything we do today needs to ensure that generations to come have a bright future.

Our commitment to Sustainability has two elements : our obligations as a responsible company and ensuring the long term viability of our operations. Both require that sustainability be integrated into all aspects of our business and that it bec ore to our planning and decision-making. This includes striving to meet the highest standardds, having a strong safety culture and demonstrating responsible environmental stewardship in order to ensure we have significant, positive and lasting impacts in the communities wher we operate, generating benefits for the generations to come. Our goal is to be a producer of high quality nickel and cobalt that creates lasting value for all stakeholders and that contributes to sustainable development in Madagascar.

This sustainability month celebration is a great occasion to highlight all the hard work done in this regard, and this year, in line with our theme- « Ensuring a future for the next generation » –  we have involved the whole Ambatovy family, including employees’ spouses and children, in many activities.

On the 11th, family hiking was organized at Ivoloina Park in Tamatave and then at Mitsinjo Park in Andasibe, Moramanga, on the 18th, to give our extended Ambatovy family an opportunity to learn more about our various environmental activities, especially the unique breeding program for the golden mantella – one of our flagship species.On June 15 and 16, an exhibition at the Mine site was held and then at Plant site on June 21 and 22nd. Visitors were able to pass through the numerous stands coordinated by the Environment and CSR teams to learn about Ambatovy’s activities in the fields of biodiversity, livelihoods, community engagements, reforestation and environmental monitoring, and many more.