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Our Business

Ambatovy is a major industrial operation mining and refining nickel and cobalt in Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. At a total project cost of more than US$ 8 billion, Ambatovy is the largest-ever foreign investment in the country – and one of the biggest in sub-Saharan Africa. It ranks among the largest lateritic nickel mining entities in the world and has a yearly production capacity of 60,000 tons of nickel and 5,600 tons of cobalt, of 99.9% purity.

Ambatovy constantly strives to be a leader in operational efficiency, health and safety, environmental management, and social engagement – all while contributing to the long-term prosperity of Madagascar. Ambatovy’s activities include infrastructure and social development, environmental management and rehabilitation, and capacity and skill building for local talent and local businesses.


Ambatovy is a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) and KOMIR (formerly known as KORES, South Korea).


Our Commitment

We are fully committed to transparent, sustainable, and responsible business practices. Not only we strive to meet the highest standards and to comply with national regulations and international standards for environmental management, social engagement, and other business practices, such as the Equator Principles and the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation Performance Standards, but we have also committed ourselves to multiple voluntary compliance and monitoring programs, such as the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program (BBOP).

Our Corporate Structure

Ambatovy is comprised of two companies: Ambatovy Minerals S.A. (AMSA) and Dynatec Madagascar S.A. (DMSA). AMSA is the holder of the mining title and operates the Mine Site and pipeline, and DMSA manages the Plant Site and all the activities related to it. Both AMSA and DMSA are subject to the laws of Madagascar. In practice, AMSA and DMSA act in parallel under the purview of Ambatovy’s Executive Committee, which consists of members from each of the two partner companies.

Our Mission

Together in Madagascar, we sustainably deliver value, producing high quality nickel and cobalt.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most successful nickel laterite operation in the world.

Our Values


We treat others with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation.


We are true to our word and are ethical in all that we do.


We take responsibility for our choices, our words and our actions.


We never stop seeking to improve our business.