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Vohitrambato is engaged in Noni cultivation

2021-09-17T05:14:02-04:00 February 2nd, 2017|Community, News|

Villagers relocated by Ambatovy to Vohitrambato and who have agricultural plots of more than 800 ha will devote part of the land provided by the company for the cultivation of Noni following a partnership, supported by Ambatovy, with Homéopharma, which will buy the production. Noni cultivation is a sustainable income-generating activity that will contribute to the improvement of villagers’ livelihoods. Ambatovy’s contributions for the implementation of this partnership, at the technical level and through the purchase of part of the seedlings, fall under its assistance actions to benefit the populations relocated to Vohitrambato and to simultaneously support the establishment of sustainable development in this locality.