Farmers in Moramanga delivered more than 7.2 tonnes of fruits and vegetables to Ambatovy

Since January 2021 to date, Ambatovy has purchased more than 7.2 tonnes of fruits and vegetables from 44 farmers grouped in three farmers' organizations, the FIRAISANTSOA association and the FIMIAM and KOMAFI cooperatives, based in Moramanga. These agricultural products, including

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Ambatovy Supports UNICEF in the Treatment of Acutely Malnourished Children in the South of Madagascar

Antananarivo, May 21, 2021: Ambatovy is contributing to the humanitarian response in the South with a donation of USD 100,000 to UNICEF to purchase Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF), often referred to as Plumpy Nut®. This contribution will save the lives

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Ambatovy’s Support to the Fish Farming Sector in Moramanga Recognized

Edmond Ratovonary, a member of the FIMIAM (Farmer-Led Federation) in Ampitambe, received 3,000 carp and tilapia fingerlings to support his income-generating activity. This support comes from the National Center for Applied Research on Rural Development (FOFIFA) following the good annual

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Toamasina II: Ambatovy’s Support for Fruit and Vegetable Producers

In December 2020, members of the Fanoitra village cooperative, based in Toamasina II, delivered 5.8 tonnes of lychees to the Newrest company, which manages Ambatovy’s canteens. This marks a promising start for collaboration between this Ambatovy subcontractor and producers from

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Ambatovy submitted the Communal Development Plans (PCD) to the communes in the District of Moramanga

Moramanga, November 25, 2020 To contribute to sustainable development in its intervention areas, Ambatovy officially handed over Communal Development Plans and spatial development plans to the communes located in the District of Moramanga, on November 25, 2020. The documents consist

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Districts of Toamasina I and II: Ambatovy Handed Over Constitutive Parts of the Communal Development Plan

Toamasina, November 16, 2020 On November 16, 2020, Ambatovy officially handed over constitutive parts of the Communal Development Plans (PCD) to support sustainable development in its interventions areas: in the three communes in the District of Toamasina I and II.

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