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Ambatovy Supports Local SME Growth During the Health Crisis

2021-06-30T07:27:57-04:00 March 16th, 2021|Community, News, Suppliers|

Since March 2020, Ambatovy has ordered 43,000 washable cloth masks with the Vonjy Garment Workshop, a Toamasina-based SME. At this difficult economic time, the company chose to award the contract to this local SME to maximize its economic value-added in the areas impacted by its activities by promoting local purchases, particularly from local SMI/SMEs. This also supports the company’s goal to contribute to improving the social and health welfare of needy people, particularly women, through social and economic integration and sustainable employment.

It should be noted that this initiative is part of the ALBI (Ambatovy Local Business Initiative) program implemented by Ambatovy to support and maximize the potential of local Malagasy companies.