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New Ant Species Discovered
Ambatovy’s commitment to the environment was acknowledged with the presentation of a new ant species discovered by Brian Fisher, Ph.D., a renowned entomologist known for the identification and discovery of African ant species, and Chairman of the Department of Entomology at the California Academy of Sciences. [more...]

Over 3,000 primary school students receive new school kits, courtesy of Ambatovy
On November 19 and 22, 3,680 students from eight primary schools in Toamasina eagerly picked-up their backpacks full of much-needed stationary supplies valued at 90 million Ariary (US $40,000). On behalf of the Urban Commune of Toamasina, Mr. DINH-VAN Ricky expressed his appreciation to Ambatovy for their generous donation that will help the students at the following schools: Cit√© Canada, Manangareza, D√©p√īt [more...]

First nickel shipment leaves the Port of Toamasina
On November 6, 2012, Ambatovy‚Äôs refined nickel successfully left the docks at the Port of Toamasina, representing the first shipment to be sold on the international market. ‚ÄúThe first shipment of finished product is an important milestone for Ambatovy, just as it is for Madagascar. Nickel is expected to become the top export for the country,‚ÄĚ said Ambatovy President, Mark Plamondon. [more...]

400 000 dollars for UNICEF
In an effort to help Madagascar realize its Education for All objectives, Ambatovy has teamed up with UNICEF to bring quality education closer to the children of Madagascar in a way that respects the environment. [more...]

Ambatovy explores ways to further improve engagement in local communities
On Monday, October 1, 2012, Ambatovy opened its doors to a team of community relations and conflict prevention specialists from the United States to discuss with the Company about the challenges it faces in stakeholder engagement around the Mine site and in the city of Moramanga. [more...]

Ambatovy publishes second annual Sustainability Report
We are pleased to release Ambatovy’s second annual Sustainability Report. This report aims to provide our stakeholders with an accurate public record of our challenges and achievements over the last year, providing a detailed account of our performance in six key areas: [more...]

Ambatovy celebrates the production and exports of its nickel and cobalt
Friday 5th October 2012 was a day of celebration for the Ambatovy team, marking the production and exports of nickel and cobalt at the Plant Site in Toamasina. [more...]

Voahary Gasy Alliance visits Ambatovy.
On Friday, September 21 2012, the civil society organization Voahary Gasy Alliance, visited several Ambatovy’s sites in Toamasina. After the obligatory health and safety induction session, the nine-member delegation from the Extractive Industries Committee of the Alliance began its visit at the Ambatovy Information Center. [more...]

Findings from archeology study in Madagascar now available.
In order to protect archaeological and cultural sites in Madagascar, and in accordance with the commitments made in its Environmental Management and Social Development Plan (PGEDS), Ambatovy initiated archaeological work in 2005, two years prior to the start of earthworks for the construction of the mine facilities, in the area between Moramanga and Toamasina. This part of the island, which has an intense and rich history, lacks ethnographic studies. [more...]

National environmental experts visit Ambatovy.
In late August 2012, Ambatovy was pleased to welcome the inter-ministerial Technical Evaluation Committee (CTE) and representatives of the National Environment Office (ONE) once again, as they spent five days visitingAmbatovy’s Mine, Plant, Pipeline and Tailings Management Facilities. [more...]

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