Voluntary Principles Initiatives

Ambatovy recognizes the importance of promoting and protecting human rights throughout the world and realizes, as a responsible agent, the impact and role we have to play in advancing these goals in Madagascar. Ambatovy is committed to upholding fundamental human rights in its interactions with those affected by Ambatovy’s activities. The safety and security of Ambatovy’s employees, environment, stakeholders, and host communities is its top priority.

Ambatovy’s commitment to the Voluntary Principles was formalized in 2014, when Sherritt, its operator, was admitted into the Voluntary Principles Association. Formal participation provides an invaluable platform for dialogue and the sharing of best practices with other companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations and serves as a critical mechanism for avoiding and diffusing potential conflicts. As part of this process, Ambatovy is developing and implementing criteria and programs involving Public and Private Security as well as administrative and judicial officials and communities to raise support and awareness for Human Rights. Among other actions, this involves embedding the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) into company policies, memorandums of understanding with Public Security, and specific exhibits in Private Security contracts.

Company Policy and Codes of Conduct

The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights are reflected in Ambatovy’s Security Policy and to reinforce shared commitment to the Principles, Ambatovy has developed relationships and agreements with National Ministries responsible for security that establish clear expectations for public security forces and Ambatovy under the VPSHR. Ambatovy has also included a VPSHR/Use of Force Contract exhibit that articulates Ambatovy’s expectations of its Private Security Contractors.

Implementation of Security and Human Rights Program

Ambatovy is continuously engaging with local, national and international entities to educate and raise awareness for the promotion of Human Rights. To this end Ambatovy has exchanged dialogue and facilitated and conducted VPSHR presentations that have led to participation in Ambatovy’s VPSHR program by National Security Officials and institutions.

Additional information on workshops, seminars, and training sessions can be found at Voluntary Principles Outreach.