Ambatovy’s Security Concept

Ambatovy adopts a proactive methodology to security risk management, understanding that prevention and security procedures must be combined with a wider approach that is integrated with other aspects of our business. Engagement with employees, management, members of the regional and local communities, and all external stakeholders compliments Ambatovy’s approach, giving the Company a solid foundation for security.

Security Policy

Ambatovy is committed to safeguarding its people, assets, operations, and reputation and believes in creating a stable atmosphere within which personnel can achieve their full potential.

Ambatovy strives to conduct security procedures in full compliance with national and international legal requirements, international standards and law enforcement principles, and in accordance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) which provide practical guidance for companies on maintaining the safety and security of their operations within an operating framework that ensures respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Ambatovy has developed and implemented a security concept that is oriented toward potential security hazards, and strives to ensure that effective security measures are in place and that all personnel are engaged in order to protect Ambatovy’s internal and external stakeholders as well as our brand and our reputation.

In order to realize this commitment, Ambatovy will:

  • Seek to identify and understand the causes and nature of security risks and appropriately address issues of concern to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Assess whether actions of the company or members of its staff heighten risk and act appropriately to minimize any such risks;
  • Promote personal accountability by taking corrective and/or disciplinary action against personnel breaking the law or violating their terms of employment;
  • Quickly investigate and resolve security related grievances that may be raised by employees, contractors or affected communities;

Security Management System

In order to achieve its Security Policy objective of promoting the respect for human rights while simultaneously creating a safe and secure business environment, Ambatovy has adopted a three-tier Security Management System (SMS).

The SMS and related documentation define the system that has been adopted and clearly establishes Ambatovy‚Äôs security policy and principles. This is required in order that Ambatovy‚Äôs approach to security management appropriately addresses security issues and provides a framework so that all of Ambatovy’s operations receive consistent and appropriate levels of security.

Ambatovy’s SMS is an integrated management tool that defines the company’s policy and principles, providing management, employees, and contractors with guidelines and standards for the entire business.

It ensures:

  • Clear assignment of responsibilities;
  • Effective management of risks;
  • Compliance with related Ambatovy policy and relevant government legislation;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Efficient and cost-effective planning and operations;

Part 1: Security Management Manual

At the apex of the Security Management System is direction on Security Management activities performed in order to achieve Ambatovy’s Strategic Security aims and Security Policy objectives. Ambatovy will continuously strive to mitigate Security Risks through careful identification and mitigation.

Part 2: Security Standards, Processes, Procedures, and Programs Manual

In support of Part 1, the Security Management Manual is a range of Security Standards, Procedures, Processes, and Programs in Part 2. These lay out the systematic approach to Security Management designed to achieve Policy objectives at the planning level as well as provide the framework within which Security activities will be conducted at the Facility or operational level.

Part 3: Security Directory of Assessments, Plans, Procedures, and Registers

The Directory contains completed and management approved documents providing localised and specific Assessments, Plans, Procedures, and Registers pertaining to the safeguard of Ambatovy people, assets, operations and reputation. All Facility Security Plans are included in the Directory.

Through adhering to established security principles that emphasis human rights, open communication, and planning, Ambatovy is setting the foundation for a sustainable, secure business future. Engagement and facilitation with host communities, organizations, and governmental agencies is essential to our security plan. In respecting human rights and the culture of our local communities we are facilitating relationships and networks that can be pivotal in any security situation. Ambatovy looks forward to a stable, viable, and bright future working alongside the people of Madagascar.