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Posted on May 25, 2012

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Archaeology at Ambatovy: Release of “A Look at Cultural Heritage
A Look at Cultural Heritage, written by Professor Jean Aimé Rakotoarisoa and supported by Ambatovy, was officially released in Toamasina, Moramanga, and Antananarivo, during the Ambatovy Archaeology Days, from October 29-31, 2013. During these events, a conference under the same title was held and supported by Ambatovy as a partner of local culture and heritage [more...]

Ambatovy builds four schools following Eco- Friendly Schools’ standards in the Atsinanana and Alaotra Mangoro regions in partnership with UNICEF
Antananarivo, October 16, 2013, UNICEF and Ambatovy are conducting the inauguration of four schools in the Atsinanana and Alaotra Mangoro regions: the Berano School, in the municipality of Andasibe, in the district of Moramanga, the Seranantsara school, in the municipality of Ambalarondro, in the district of Brickaville [more...]

Ambatovy and SSD Moramanga: Community medical consultations continue.
For the year 2013, Ambatovy’s mobile medical consultations continue in collaboration with the Health Service of the Moramanga District. Last week, the first batch of consultations was performed in Ambohimanarivo, in the District of Moramanga. [more...]

Ambatovy continues to train businesses
In order to maximize benefits for local businesses through Ambatovy’s Business Training Center (BTC), created in 2012, Ambatovy held a HSE training (Health, Safety and Security) in Antananarivo, at the request of the Union of Construction Companies in Madagascar, on April 11-12.[more...]

EITI Progress in Madagascar
Ambatovy’s commitment to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative was recently mentioned by the International Council on Mining and Minerals in their newsletter, Good Practice, issued May 2013.[more...]

The Malagasy Economists’Reflection Circle (CREM) tours Ambatovy
Twenty members of the “Malagasy Economists’ Reflection Circle,” or CREM, toured Ambatovy’s sites in Moramanga and Toamasina on April 23-24, 2013. Ambatovy’s specific objective was to continue its efforts for transparency and for informing organizations and various public and private [more...]

Ambatovy supports the Lycée Technique of Moramanga
As part of its goal to support the communities neighboring its operations, Ambatovy is continuously collaborating with the Regional Directorate of Technical Education to contribute to and support education. [more...]

Ambatovy and Moramanga tackle trash
Moramanga is home to the Ambatovy Mine site. As Ambatovy is committed to respecting the IFC performance standards and the national regulators’ laws, Ambatovy conducted an influx migration study in mid-2011.[more...]

Open Doors on Ambatovy in Moramanga
More than 9,000 people visited the 5 day Open Doors Event organized by Ambatovy in downtown Moramanga from March 1 – 7, 2013. This same event was held last year at Rarihasina Analakely,[more...]

The Business Training Center Expands Its Vision
Ambatovy plays a very important role in the social and economic environment in Madagascar. We want to increase the use of local resources, and in particular, develop the recourse to local businesses. [more...]

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