Briefs 2017

Posted on March 21, 2012

Support for the development of ecotourism in Analabe-Vohitrambato by Ambatovy.
The protection and conservation of biodiversity, and the improvement of the local population‚Äôs sources of income are the main positive impacts expected … [more...]

Ambatovy supported training in International Trade for the staff of the Inter-Regional Directorate of Mines and Petroleum in Toamasina.
As part of the Public-Private Partnership, Ambatovy supported the capacity building of 11 engineers, technicians and administrative agents … [more...]

Ambatovy is Supporting a Capacity Building Training Series for Farmers Living in Brickaville and Toamasina II.
Ambatovy is continuing to provide technical support for the farmers‚Äô associations in the Districts of Brickaville and Toamasina II to build their organizational … [more...]

Ambatovy Protects Malagasy Cultural Heritage.
In accordance with Ambatovy’s commitments in its Environmental Management and Social Development Plan (PGEDS), work as part of a preventive archeology program … [more...]

Ambatovy Implements a Protection Program for Endemic Fish.
More than 6,000 individuals of the endemic fish Ratsirakia sp. and Rheocles sp. have been salvaged in the clearing areas of Ambatovy‚Äôs Mine Site in Moramanga… [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Transfer of Forest Area Management to Base Communities.
Ambatovy is working closely with the local population integrated with the Base Communities (COBA) in its actions implemented to protect the environment … [more...]

Ambatovy’s Actions to Preserve Orchids Displayed at the 2017 Research Forum.
During the 5th Research Forum in 2017, devoted to “Biodiversity and The Goals of Sustainable Development,” Ambatovy shared with the scientific community … [more...]

Fight against HIV/AIDS: 22 Peer Educators Trained at Ambatovy’s Mine
As part of the company’s commitment to the fight against HIV / AIDS, 22 employee volunteers from Ambatovy‚Äôs Mine in Moramanga received training … [more...]

Ambatovy Implements a Specific Management Program for Lemur Conservation.
One of Madagascar‚Äôs iconic wildlife species, the lemurs living in the forests around the Moramanga mine site are subject to a specific management program implemented by Ambatovy to maintain their viability … [more...]

Ambatovy’s Donation to the CSB of Marovoay.
Thanks to the support provided by Ambatovy, the Marovoay Basic Health Center (CSB), in the rural Municipality of Morarano Gare, in Moramanga, … [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Regional Committee for Industrial Risk Management in Alaotra Mangoro.
Being a large and local company that works in accordance with the international standards, Ambatovy pays special attention to the conservation and management of industrial risks. As such, Ambatovy provided financial and logistic support for a training workshop… [more...]

Environmental Protection: Base Communities Rewarded by Ambatovy.
Ambatovy rewarded the base communities (COBA) AAM of Ambohimanarivo and the Ezaka sy Fandrosoana of Ambohitranivo, which were among the best during the COBA competition organized in collaboration with the District Office of Water and Forest (CIREF) in Moramanga. [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Strengthening of Road Safety in Ambatondrazaka.
Given that the health and safety of the communities in the areas where it operates is one of its top priorities, Ambatovy supports the strengthening of road safety in the city of Ambatondrazaka … [more...]

Renewal of the Partnership between Ambatovy and the Cultural and Social Center of Toamasina.
As a company committed to contributing to sustainable development in its host regions, Ambatovy has launched a partnership with the Toamasina Cultural and Social Center … [more...]

Environmental Protection: Ambatovy Uses Remote Sensing Technology.
Determining the deforestation rate and measuring the efficiency of its conservation activities thanks to satellite imagery. To do so, Ambatovy uses remote sensing technology. A validation workshop … [more...]

Rehabilitation of the Market in Brickaville Financed by Ambatovy: 65,000 working hours without incident.
A new market with a total area of 4,000m¬≤, 2,000m¬≤ of which is covered with metal structures and can hold about 360 sellers, is currently in construction in Brickaville thanks to the financing of Ambatovy … [more...]

Ambatovy Supports the Development of the Poultry Industry in the Atsinanana Region.
4,000 young chickens were distributed on May 31st, 2017, as part of a pilot project in support of the broiler farming income generating activity (IGA), which is intended for 40 households … [more...]

Ambatovy is implementing its Environmental Management System (AEMS).
Following the Ambatovy Biodiversity Management System which has been a complete success since its implementation in 2014, Ambatovy developed … [more...]

Substantial Harvest for the Rice Growers in Ambolomaro with Ambatovy’s Support.
As part of its compensation program for the land and rice field owners who were impacted by the Mine‚Äôs construction, Ambatovy has built … [more...]