Other Infrastructure

Prior to Ambatovy’s construction, Madagascar had little of the infrastructure required by such a project. In fact, construction activities at Ambatovy began with virtually no supporting roads or utilities – making Ambatovy one of the largest “greenfield” mining projects currently underway anywhere in the world.

Ancillary Industrial Infrastructure

An entirely new 12 km railway line was built in parallel to an existing line to create the capacity needed to efficiently move commodities between the Port and the Plant Site. Madagascar’s railway company, Madarail, operates and maintains the new line and rolling stock. Appropriate safety measures and railway crossing systems have been installed for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

An ammonia storage facility was constructed approximately mid-way between the Port and the Plant Site. A pipeline transports the ammonia between the two locations. Like all of Ambatovy’s pipelines, this one has been buried to avoid tampering and to ensure safety and reliability.

Other major industrial facilities constructed by Ambatovy include:

  • A coal-fired, steam and electricity generating station, which includes three units rated at 40 megawatts each;

  • Plants to produce oxygen, hydrogen, sulfuric acid, and hydrogen sulfide;

  • A water treatment plant;

  • Residential and recreational facilities for staff;

  • A fully equipped, professionally staffed medical clinic.

Public Infrastructure

Ambatovy has made a substantial investment in transportation infrastructure that will benefit local communities for years to come. Ambatovy’s investments include construction or upgrading of almost 100 km of public access roads. Some of these roads, which had been closed since 1969, now have bus services for the first time. As a result, 11 rural communities have easier access to markets and social services.

An 11 km road that links the Plant Site and the Port was also built. This road by-passes Toamasina, helping to reduce traffic congestion in Madagascar’s most important port city.

Ambatovy has also constructed a professional, vocational training center, clinics, a primary school, water points, and has assisted with the rehabilitation of numerous public structures.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Ambatovy assisted with the renovation of the Atsinanana Regional and Moramanga District Employment Offices.