Ambatovy is committed to maximizing national employment and developing a highly skilled local workforce capable of assuming roles with progressively greater responsibilities and technical requirements. Ambatovy strives to be recognized as an employer of choice in Madagascar, capable of attracting and retaining talent. Currently, Ambatovy employs approximately 8,000 people: 90% of Ambatovy’s employees are Malagasy.

Recruitment Principles and Selection Process

Ambatovy is an equal opportunity employer that maintains strict confidentiality and values diversity in its recruitment process.

Ambatovy’s approach to recruitment is supported by a clear methodology that embraces transparency, equity, and fairness for all candidates. The selection process is as objective as possible and based on measurable criteria. Candidates are tested on their technical, behavioural, and linguistic abilities through a series of interviews.

By recruiting staff on a competitive basis, Ambatovy aims to:

  • Select the best candidates for each position;

  • Give priority to local candidates who possess the required skills and competencies;

  • Give preference to recent graduates for certain positions in maintenance and plant operations.

Local Recruitment Priority

Ambatovy is committed to hiring locally and has made it a priority to recruit qualified candidates from the areas surrounding Moramanga (Mine) and Toamasina(Plant Site) in order to maximize the economic benefits to communities near Ambatovy sites.

A project the size of Ambatovy means that a number of key positions require levels of expertise and experience that cannot currently be found in Madagascar. In these cases, it is necessary to recruit professionals from abroad. Skill transfer, on-the-job training, and mentoring are core activities that will, over time, ensure that Malagasy citizens hold management positions in Ambatovy.

Career Opportunities

Both individual and team contributions are recognized and valued at Ambatovy. Motivated and talented individuals will find real opportunities for professional development and long-term careers.

Ambatovy offers competitive remuneration and benefits packages that value employee performance and dedication.

Diversity & Equal Opportunity

The Operations phase involves a wide variety of trades and skilled laborers. Ambatovy is committed to attracting and retaining top-quality candidates, regardless of gender.

Ambatovy is committed to providing and maintaining equal opportunities for all job applicants, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, age, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation. By recruiting on a competitive basis, Ambatovy aims to select the best candidate for each job. While our goal is to boost local access to jobs, our policy is to offer positions to the best qualified candidate based on employment-related indicators. Recruitment is as objective as possible, following the principles of transparency and fairness.

In addition, all employees are expected to reject any form of discrimination or harassment, as explained in our code of conduct and employee handbook.