Workers’ Rights

Ambatovy’s success is directly tied to the accomplishments and well-being of its employees.

Workers at Plant Site

Ambatovy values trust, respect for diversity, and teamwork, and is committed to providing its staff with a safe workplace. Every employee has on-going opportunities to express and develop his or her full potential.

Ambatovy believes that in order to be a successful enterprise, all employees must work in a spirit that is based on mutual respect, trust, and constructive relationships. This is insured through the following commitments:

  • Fair treatment for every employee;

  • Respect and integrity is required for and by all employees;

  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality;

  • Nurturing Malagasy talent.

Fair Treatment

Ambatovy aspires to build a workplace in which every employee:

  • Understands the level of behavior and performance expected of him or her and feels free to discuss any issues in a straightforward and constructive manner;

  • Feels listened to and supported;

  • Is rewarded for outstanding performance and behavior;

  • Is treated fairly, with respect and dignity, without any discrimination;

  • Is given opportunities to contribute, grow, and realize their full potential.

Respect and Integrity

Ambatovy does not tolerate any form of abuse or harassment against its employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, or any of its stakeholders.

Ambatovy is committed to applying stringent performance standards that respect all stakeholders regardless of their nationality, work status (i.e. local hire or expatriate), or the nature of their relationship with Ambatovy (i.e. employee, partner, supplier, or other third party).

Induction courses are provided to new staff members to facilitate their integration and to ensure that they have an adequate understanding of Ambatovy’s policies, standards, and values. All employees receive extensive guidance on Ambatovy’s Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct covers topics such as health and safety, transportation and road safety, drug and alcohol use, possession of firearms, respect for the environment and local communities, personal behavior and accountability, and confidentiality.

Respect for Privacy and Confidentiality

Ambatovy is committed to protecting every employee’s right to privacy.

All personal information is treated as confidential, in accordance with legal provisions in force in Madagascar.

Nurturing Malagasy Talent

Ambatovy provides training and capacity building so that staff members can both enhance and broaden their skills and fields of competency.

Ambatovy also promotes knowledge transfer between expatriate and national staff through coaching and mentoring programs. These efforts help ensure that Malagasy employees can assume roles that are progressively more demanding and that entail increased responsibilities.

In some technical areas, further training and education grants are provided to highly motivated and talented staff. Training courses are diverse and can take the form of several week courses or one-year apprenticeships.