Ambatovy Local Business Initiative

Supporting Local Business

The Ambatovy Local Business Initiative (ALBI) provides support to local businesses and entrepreneurs through training, mentoring, and capacity building programs. Ambatovy expects that, thanks to the work of ALBI, these businesses and individuals will be better able to improve the quality and competitiveness of their products. By adhering to Ambatovy’s rigorous standards and requirements, it is expected that businesses will benefit from improved economic returns. Another of ALBI’s key mandates is creating employment opportunities for the local population.

ALBI was created to fulfill Ambatovy’s “buy locally, hire locally” policy. To this end, ALBI works closely with Purchasing, Supply and Contracts Services to identify local companies capable of responding to company and market needs. By maximizing local procurement, Ambatovy provides a much-needed impetus to the Malagasy economy and entrepreneurs.

Sourcing from and offering technical support to local enterprises has resulted in local businesses supplying a range of goods, such as employee uniforms, cafeteria produce, and pallets for product transportation.

Working within Ambatovy’s Supply Chain Management to facilitate local procurement, ALBI has brought about improved synergies that have resulted in a number of exciting initiatives:

  • The Ambatovy Supplier Audit Program: Ambatovy created a new program that audits suppliers to ensure they fulfill the necessary legal, organizational and performance requirements under Ambatovy’s procurement policy. The audit is an important tool to ensure that suppliers provide a legitimate working environment for their employees.

  • Business Training Centre: In 2012, ALBI opened the Ambatovy Business Training Centre, in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, to provide local businesses, future entrepreneurs, and university students with training and mentorship. This win-win partnership includes:

      - Basic training including elements on answering a tender, cost-price analysis, basic accounting, building a business plan, and accessing bank business loans.

      - Additional training provided on specific needs identified through the auditing process.

    In 2014, the Business Training Center was closed. For its current suppliers, Ambatovy will continue to provide training based on identified needs. Ambatovy is also currently working with the Tamatave Chamber of Commerce to provide the BTC’s training modules to the community through the pre-existant Regional Training Center. Before its closure, more than 500 businesses and individuals had received approximately 18,500 man hours of training.

  • ALBI Supplier Database: once a local company has met Ambatovy’s established legal, tax, and regulatory requirements to become a supplier, they are added to Tafita, a database of pre-approved potential suppliers available for contracts. Only suppliers approved in Tafita are able to participate when Ambatovy launches a bidding process.

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