Returns to Local Enterprises

In Ambatovy‚Äôs current Operations Phase, there are continuously additional opportunities for local businesses. Ambatovy is always looking for ways to engage the local community and increase the return to the local economy. Through Ambatovy‚Äôs policy of buy locally, hire locally¬ł local businesses are sourced from the ALBI database of local suppliers, whenever possible, to meet business needs. In 2015, this focus took a new direction with enterprise creation and assistance to local industries that could promote job creation and provide necessary materials to Ambatovy.

Manufacturing of Uniforms

Rather than selecting a large industrial supplier to supply the uniforms needed for its employees, Ambatovy supported the development of a local sewing company in Toamasina. The shop provides 32 permanent positions and sources from a local cotton fabric manufacturer, furthering the added value to the local supply chain. Ambatovy provides technical and administrative support as needed to support the quality and capacity of the company. In 2015, nearly 7,000 uniforms were supplied to Ambatovy.


Once Production reaches full capacity, Ambatovy will need 80,000 metal drums per year to pack and transport its nickel and cobalt.
ALBI identified potential suppliers, obtained samples, and selected two local companies to manufacture metal drums and their liners. In 2014, Ambatovy purchased over 53,000 metal drums.

Pallet Production

Ambatovy uses methods consistent with eco-certification standards to harvest the wood required for the manufacturing of 50,000 pallets per year, the amount necessary to transport Ambatovy’s refined nickel and cobalt. Two local suppliers in Moramanga and Toamasina, who are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, work with Ambatovy for this production and in 2015, supplied Ambatovy with around 15,000 pallets.
The pallets are fabricated in Toamasina and used for the shipment of Ambatovy products. 110 permanent jobs have been created by this initiative.
In addition to creating stable employment, this approach has other advantages including improved environmental management, efficient use of natural resources, and promotion of sustainable forestry stewardship.

Wood Recycling

Every month, timber is disposed of from the Plant Site. To make use of this material, ALBI and Ambatovy’s Environment Department have set up a program to distribute the wood to nearby communities that prepared detailed plans for re-using of this timber. In 2015, a local business, the CCS, located in Toamasina, was selected to receive used woods from Ambatovy’s Plant Site to revalorize the waste wood into furniture and combustible logs. This initiative has created 40 jobs but the true value lies in the educational courses the CCS provides to youth in the region coming from low-income families. 30 students per year come from the surrounding communities to receive training in woodworking and carpentry.

Ambatovy is continuing to work within its areas of operations to create opportunities that benefit the communities, the company, and the economy. These initiatives include support to a plastic recycling company, support to an enterprise to handle tire recycling and revalorization, and support in the creation of a new enterprise to create fireproof and waterproof raincoats.