Building Skills and Training Professionals

Ambatovy is committed to maximizing national employment and developing a highly skilled local workforce. Thousands of Malagasy have received construction, technical, health and safety, and administrative training. Investing in such programs ensures that Malagasy workers and managers will be able to assume positions of progressively increasing responsibility at Ambatovy.

Ambatovy trainees, Alberta, Canada

Ambatovy’s Training Department uses a hybrid approach that combines self-taught training, computer-based learning, and traditional instructor-led classes. Through this approach, employees are able to continuously develop their own skillset, thus allowing for them to advance professionally with Ambatovy.

Specialized Training for Operations and Maintenance

The Ambatovy Training Center was inaugurated in Toamasina in 2010. The Center has a large, fully equipped workshop for both Operations and Maintenance training. All operators are trained by highly skilled Malagasy engineers. Maintenance subjects are taught by technical experts from Canada. These training courses prepare Malagasy workers for careers as electricians, machinists, pipefitters, welders, instrument technicians, boilermakers, and planners. Formal technical training at Ambatovy typically lasts between six and eight months.

Training Facilities and Programs

The Training Department consists of 41 professionals including trainers, subject coordinators, and training advisors.

Ambatovy provides employees with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills through additional courses in language, IT, customer service, and more. The training that many Ambatovy staff members have already received will help them step into management roles in the future.

From 2011 to 2013, Ambatovy held its Technical Excellence Program (PEXT, in French), an initiative aimed at young adults from the Toamasina area. The course consisted of 18 months of training and a two-month internship and was created for graduates, aged 17 to 22, from technical colleges in the Atsinanana Region. The course was designed to give students the necessary skills to allow them to gradually take over for experienced national staff who would, in turn, succeed foreign workers.

In 2011, the Ambatovy Leadership Development Program was also launched, which aims to give talented local employees the skills and development they need to grow and advance in their careers. To date, the ALDP has provided nearly 400 talented national employees with the skills and development they need to become leaders in the company. A Supervisory Training Program is also available to provide national employees with the supervisory skills and understanding as they prepare for positions of greater responsibility.

A third initiative was the Mentorship Program, which pairs senior personnel with less experienced employees to develop their knowledge base and expand their professional network.

Health & Safety Training

Employees are required to complete general training on the following subjects: health and safety, first aid, environmental rules and regulations, labeling of hazardous material, safety documentation, and firefighting. When appropriate, neighboring community members also receive health and safety training.

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