Support for the development of ecotourism in Analabe-Vohitrambato by Ambatovy.


The protection and conservation of biodiversity, and the improvement of the local population’s sources of income are the main positive impacts expected from the ecotourism site development project supported by Ambatovy in Analabe, Vohitrambato, District of Toamasina II. A decisive step in this project was reached in a ceremony in Toamasina on September 20, 2018, with the official presentation of the Ecotourism Development Plan and the signing of the specifications between the Regional Directorate of Tourism in Atsinanana, the Regional Directorate of the Environment, Ecology and Forests in Atsinanana, as well as the communities in Vohitrambato , through the Fehizoro Federation. In collaboration with the NGO Miarintsoa, Ambatovy funded the study aimed at valorizing the primary forest of Analabe, an area of about twenty hectares, which is home to a variety of endemic species (122 species of flora from 78 families and 26 species of fauna from 19 families.). Following the study, seven tourist circuits were identified. The Fehizoro Federation, the village association that has been managing this forest area since 2017, will continue to manage this private ecotourism site.