Ambatovy Celebrates World Environment Day

ava Visit of the booth by Stuart Macnaughton, President of Ambatovy

On June 19, Ambatovy celebrated World Environment Day, with the theme “Beating Plastic Pollution,” at our Mine. “Plastic waste engenders adverse effects for our environment,” stated Stuart Macnaughton, President of Ambatovy. “As an environmentally responsible company in every aspect of our operations, Ambatovy is actively committed to combating plastic waste.”

Combatting plastic waste is only one of the ways that Ambatovy shows its commitments to upholding international standards for environmental protection, stewardship, and sustainable actions. Ambatovy’s waste program also focuses on recycling, reusing, or revalorization.

This celebration of World Environment Day falls within a month long celebration of Sustainability Month, which provides a daily emphasis on the meaning, importance and place for Sustainability at Ambatovy. In 2017, Ambatovy officially adopted the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative, an internationally implemented set of standards and protocols that encourage industry best practices in sustainability, accountability and social and environmental performance. This initiative joins the many other international standards and guidelines that ensure Ambatovy’s meets its commitments to be a sustainable and responsible company operating in Madagascar.