Ambatovy Provides Emergency Support to the City of Toamasina Following the Passage of Cyclone Ava

ava Clearing roads and removing debris works in Toamasina.

Following the requests of local authorities, Ambatovy supported the community in addressing the emergency in the city of Toamasina. Starting Saturday, January 6, the company has been deploying a cleaning crew with dump trucks and backhoes for a week of work, clearing the roads and removing debris.
The 4th Civil Protection Unit (UPC) of Toamasina was provided with 1,000 liters of fuel, on Saturday, January 6, to operate its trucks in the wake of Cyclone Ava. Ambatovy is also providing the meals of soldiers assigned to the clean-up work for the week, which come to 80 meals a day.
Additionally, an extra 2,500 liters of fuel were handed over to the authorities in the framework of National Cleaning Day.
On January 13, Ambatovy also made its plane available to the BNGR (National Disaster Management Office) to fly over the areas affected by the cyclone AVA. This flying over will allow the authorities to assess the damages.