Ambatovy Supports the Transfer of Forest Area Management to Base Communities.

transfert Representatives of base communities signing a renewal of their management transfer contracts.

Ambatovy is working closely with the local population integrated with the Base Communities (COBA) in its actions implemented to protect the environment around its mine site in Moramanga and to manage the natural resources located outside the conservation areas. Thus, the company has supported the establishment of a management transfer contract for these COBA, provided technical guidance to achieve the actual management of these natural resources, and supported the COBA in their income-generating activities in order to reduce their dependence on forest resources. Three of these COBA, all based in the rural Municipality of Ambohibary, mainly Ezaka sy Fandrosoana, Miaro ny Tontolo Iainana, and Ambohimanarivo Ala Maintso, in early December 2017, signed a three-year renewal of their management transfer contracts for a surface area of over 1,600ha. It should be noted that two other COBAs in the rural Municipality of Morarano Gare, Telomira and Velonaina, also renewed their management transfer contracts this year.