Meller’s Duck Finds a Home at Ambatovy

new Market Moramanga Anas Melleri

Meller’s duck, or Anas melleri, is an endangered species of duck endemic to eastern Madagascar that is on the verge of extinction due to deforestation, hunting, and habitat loss. However, at Ambatovy’s Mine Site, this duck is now finding a new home on the permanent lakes created by our sediment control dams. First noticed in our areas in 2009 following the construction of the dams, an average of 78 individuals have been observed per year.

Conserving this species requires understanding a myriad of factors, including the establishment of their home range, which includes all the space needed for an animal to satisfy its necessary functions for survival – food, mating, nesting, shelter, etc. To understand more about one of the rarest species of wildfowl on Earth, capturing and marking sessions have been carried out, and telemetric monitoring is now being conducted.

Ambatovy’s adherence to the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Ramsar Convention, including wetland conservation, commits the company to taking the necessary measures to ensure the conservation of this species in its areas of operations. By monitoring these individuals, information can be collected to form a more complete picture of their conservation needs so that the necessary actions to protect their species can be implemented.