Ambatovy Supports the Fight against Plague in Toamasina

Donation Donation of equipment to support the fight against plague

Following the requests made by the local authorities and the United Nations System agencies, mainly WHO and UNICEF, Ambatovy donated, on October 12, 2017, a fourth round of equipment and materials to support the fight against plague in Toamasina. This donation, which is composed of, among others, personal protective equipment, furniture (tables, benches, folding portable cots, and shelves), cleaning equipment (bins, buckets, wheelbarrows…) and lighting equipment, will increase the medical staff’s capacity to take care of the patients in the Pneumonia and phthisiology service in the University Hospital Center of Analakininina, Toamasina and help the putting in place of a new center with 20 additional beds. This new center will provide full medical care in order to limit the disease outbreak due to the movement of the patients’ relatives and family who are visiting or assisting.

This donation is added to the first three that Ambatovy has already provided to the Analakinina University Hospital Center since September 27, 2017. Indeed, Ambatovy already provided sets of individual protective equipment composed of gloves, face masks, protective suits and protective goggles, to the medical staff who come in direct contact with patients at the University Hospital Centers of Analakinina and Morafeno for them to work safely and in accordance with standards. A second donation, composed of individual protective equipment and pesticide sprayers, alcohol, thermometers, distilled water, disposable syringes and face masks, was made to the Analakininina Hospital on Friday, October 6, 2017.

It should be noted that Ambatovy’s contribution to the fight against this scourge amounts to more than MGA 40 million to date. Various equipment and materials will also provide in Moramanga to prevent the outbreak of this disease.