Ambatovy Implements a Specific Management Program for Lemur Conservation


One of Madagascar’s iconic wildlife species, the lemurs living in the forests around the Moramanga mine site are subject to a specific management program implemented by Ambatovy to maintain their viability. The public had the opportunity to learn more about it throughout the Indri Indri Festival, held from September 15 to 17, during which Ambatovy provided further information regarding the actions it is undertaking within the framework of its lemur conservation program. Indeed, the Indri Indri, which is a critically endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUNC), is one of the priority species for Ambatovy. To date, 14 Indri Indri groups, composed of about 45 individuals, have benefited from a monitoring program in order to observe their behavior and adaptability with their natural environment. The use of radio tracking technology, which consists of attaching a radio-collar to the animals’ necks to track them, is among the other strategies implemented by the company to protect this “flagship lemur species” located in the forest complex of Ambatovy-Analamay.