Ambatovy’s Donation to the CSB of Marovoay


Thanks to the support provided by Ambatovy, the Marovoay Basic Health Center (CSB), in the rural Municipality of Morarano Gare, in Moramanga, now has access to electricity and will be able to improve the healthcare services it offers to the population. Ambatovy‚Äôs support in the electrification of this community infrastructure, which is located in the areas affected by its activities, consisted of providing more than 17 million Ariary, purchasing solar panels and accessories, and seeing to their installation. The new electrical equipment, which will contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the population of Marovoay and its surroundings, was handed over to the concerned communities in early September 2017. This initiative is part of Ambatovy’s contribution to improving the existing sanitary infrastructure around its Mine Site in Moramanga. Health is one of the company’s priorities, alongside education and livelihoods, in the framework of its actions for sustainable development in the regions affected by its activities, namely Alaotra Mangoro and Atsinanana.