Environmental Protection: Base Communities Rewarded by Ambatovy

coba Base community AAM members receiving chicken.

Ambatovy rewarded the base communities (COBA) AAM of Ambohimanarivo and the Ezaka sy Fandrosoana of Ambohitranivo, which were among the best during the COBA competition organized in collaboration with the District Office of Water and Forest (CIREF) in Moramanga. As a reminder, Ambatovy works with base communities in the conservation and protection of the environment around its Mine. 330 farmers, from the COBA AAM, were given 275 chickens and 55 roosters to support its members in poultry farming income-generating activities (IGA) while the ‚ÄúEzaka sy Fandrosoana‚ÄĚ received construction materials, such as sheet metal, windows, and doors, to support the construction of their office. These COBA, which collaborate in the protection of the forest area located around the Mine in Moramanga, were assessed on their association management, effectiveness in the implementation of the ‚ÄúDina‚ÄĚ, and the sound management of the forest areas that were transferred to them. Ambatovy‚Äôs support to these village-based associations remains vital to assure the sound management of natural resources and the protection of the conservation areas.