Ambatovy Supports the Strengthening of Road Safety in Ambatondrazaka

panneaux Road signs installed in the city of Ambatondrazaka.

Given that the health and safety of the communities in the areas where it operates is one of its top priorities, Ambatovy supports the strengthening of road safety in the city of Ambatondrazaka, Alaotra-Mangoro, in various fields. Ambatovy financed the installation of about 20 road signs and 15 road markings in various places in the city of Ambatondrazaka, in June 2017. This initiative, which aims at improving the traffic in the city and reducing the accident rate, followed a training session on health, safety and hygiene financed by Ambatovy and delivered to some 603 taxi-motorcycle drivers in December 2016. These projects are part of the collaboration agreement between the Prefecture of Ambatondrazaka, the Alaotra Mangoro Region, and Ambatovy. As a reminder, the Company also rehabilitated a portion of road in the city of Ambatondrazaka through its Social Investment Fund.