Rehabilitation of the Market in Brickaville Financed by Ambatovy: 65,000 working hours without incident.


A new market with a total area of 4,000m², 2,000m² of which is covered with metal structures and can hold about 360 sellers, is currently in construction in Brickaville thanks to the financing of Ambatovy, which supports social projects and the construction of new infrastructure in its intervention areas as part of its Social Investment Fund. The aforementioned rehabilitation works are safely progressing, and Ambatovy celebrated 65,000 working hours without any incident on June 20th, 2017. The works are now at 85% completion. Since the commencement of the work in July 2016, no incident has been registered at the construction site which complies with the “Zero Incident Policy” on health and safety. To thank its employees, the Company delivered certificates to each of them. As a reminder, the health and safety of its employees and of the community in which it operates stays a top priority for Ambatovy.