Ambatovy is implementing its Environmental Management System (AEMS)

environnement .

Following the Ambatovy Biodiversity Management System which has been a complete success since its implementation in 2014, Ambatovy developed it into Ambatovy Environment Management System this year. It includes the physical environment and its components, like air, water, soil, and biodiversity: thus, fauna and flora. In this Environmental Management Program, the Company has to comply with the most rigorous and thorough national and international standards, not to mention the IFC’s (International Finance Company) Performance standards. Hence, Ambatovy’s activities regarding environmental protection and especially the rich biodiversity that is located at its Mine Site, consists of preventing and reducing, as much as possible, the effects of its mining activities, and to compensate and rehabilitate those that are inevitable. As a reminder, in April 2017, for the first time in the history of endangered species protection, Ambatovy and its national and international collaborators reintroduced 1, 500 Mantella aurantiaca, frogs endemic to Madagascar, into their natural habitats. These individuals are from the 162 Mantella aurantiaca that were collected at the Mine Site in 2012 and bred in captivity at the “Toby Sahona Center” in Andasibe.