Ambatovy Provided Emergency Aid after Cyclone Enawo

ThoroughTec driving simulatorEmergency Aid

In agreement with the Government of Madagascar, through the Ministry of Finance and Budget, Ambatovy will allocate 600 million Ariary (USD 200,000) of its Social Investment Fund to help the communities in its intervention areas that were affected by the passage of cyclone Enawo.
Thus, emergency aid to meet the most urgent needs of disaster victims, including 80 bags of rice, 2,400 liters of edible oil, and 20 drums capable of storing 20,000 liters of drinking water, was sent to Brickaville on Saturday, March 10, 2017.

“Emergency aid was deployed while waiting for all stakeholders to make the necessary arrangements for more sustainable aid,” said Louis Roland-Gosselin, Ambatovy’s Vice President of Sustainability. “As a full member of the community, Ambatovy will devote part of its Social Investment Fund, amounting to 600 million Ariary, as a contribution to post-cyclonic responses in its intervention areas.”

Ambatovy will support rescue units in opening up the areas most affected by landslides and other debris left by the cyclone, and equipped the monitoring unit of the Toamasina Prefecture with a satellite phone to facilitate communication.

The Company’s support will also include the rehabilitation of the infrastructure damaged by cyclone Enawo in its intervention areas. Ambatovy’s Management conducted a reconnaissance flight over the affected areas, along the RN2 between Moramanga and Toamasina, with the local authorities to enable responsible entities to assess the damage and identify emergency actions to be deployed.

It should be noted that fundraising campaigns are being conducted at the headquarters of Ambatovy’s three shareholders, namely Sherritt International Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, and Korea Resources Corporation, for the benefit of the disaster victims, to add to the fund allocated by Ambatovy. Similarly, Ambatovy’s volunteer employees will meet community members in order to assist them.