Ambatovy offered 50 suction pumps to the Rural Municipality of Amboditandroroho

Pompes pour Amboditandroroho
Suction pumps donation ceremony in Amboditandroroho

Ambatovy offered 50 complete sets of suction pumps with stainless steel heads and leathers for the Rural Municipality of Amboditandroroho in Toamasina II in December 2016. The Company’s Processing Plant is located in this municipality which is home to 11 fokontany and about fifty villages, the majority of which are located on the banks of the Pangalanes Canal. In the absence of adequate water supply systems, the installation of suction pumps per village is among the Municipality’s priorities. Under the patronage of the Regional Water Directorate, this contribution is part of the financing of small-scale social projects in order to improve the living conditions of the community around the Company’s facilities. As a member of the community, Ambatovy provided these pumps in order to bring tangible results in terms of sustainable development, and the Municipality financed their installation.