Ambatovy Celebrates One Year Without Lost Time Injury (LTI)

Safety Day
Celebration at the Plant Site

Ambatovy is pleased to mark one year without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) in its operations since September 28, 2015. This significant Health and Safety milestone is the result of constant efforts within the Company to establish a Health and Safety culture that is specific to Ambatovy and its employees and contractors, and which focuses on safety leadership at all levels of the Company.

“Establishing a safety culture that ensures a safe workplace for everyone is essential for Ambatovy’s success. To be recognized as the world’s best laterite nickel operation, we must be the best in all aspects of our business, and Health and Safety is on top of the list. Achieving one year LTI free is a great step towards that goal and makes Ambatovy a mining industry leader in terms of health and safety,” said Tim Dobson, Ambatovy’s President.

Over the past 18 months, Ambatovy has implemented strategies based on strengthening safe behaviors, increasing leadership in Health and Safety, and building knowledge of health and safety resources to prevent accidents in the workplace.

“Thanks to the efforts of everyone in the Ambatovy team, we have demonstrated our commitment to safety across all of our operations. Ambatovy will continue to implement its Health and Safety development plan with the ultimate goal of achieving zero harm in the workplace,” said Robert Lamarche, Health and Safety Manager at Ambatovy.